What the blazes are Sparticles? In the realm of content creation, Sparticles are a great way to create content in just seven minutes if you’re short on time, inspiration or inclination. You record yourself talking and soon afterwards receiving a glorious piece of content you can use wherever you choose. The word ‘Sparticles’ is a portmanteau of speaking and articles, but I also like it because if you get someone onto a topic they love, this amazing energy positively radiates from them. Sparkles even!

The Ink Rat has been writing Sparticles for over seven years. I systemised this process when, in the space of four months, three copywriting clients and two ghostwriting clients asked me to create content from audio they’d recorded.

  • One records a six-minute video every week for her subscribers but doesn’t have time to rewrite it into her email newsletters. She especially loathes coming up with headlines.
  • Another has heaps of podcasts and videos filled with useful insights gathering digital dust on a drive somewhere.
  • Yet another had an excellent FB video that underpins almost every part of her incredibly useful mental wellness programs, but it’s only available if you know where she’s pinned it.
  • As for the authors? I’ve been transcribing interviews for years to create their books. They tell their stories without the blank page blues, or bedevilled by the blinking cursor.

Sparticles are more than a transcript

Some people just want a transcript of their videos and audio. If you do, you can create them yourself or get someone like REV to do it. However, if you read any transcript without the accompanying video or audio, you’ll notice you don’t read words the same way you listen to them. Transcripts don’t remove all your speech tics or correct your mumbles. Transcripts are only as well-structured and succinct as you speak. Shaping them into written content requires some additional steps.

Many of you are excellent writers and marketers already. It’s not that you don’t know how to write, or market yourself, or engage with your followers. Many of you do this incredibly well. And those who don’t? You are probably spending time being brilliant in your personal zone of genius and don’t want to worry about learning a new craft.

This is how Sparticles are useful, so what other ways can they help people who want content?

1.      Sparticles save you time

No more sweating over your laptop for half a day trying to manipulate your words into a half-decent blog post. Instead, record what you want to say and send it to The Ink Rat. Seven minutes of you talking creates around 1000 words, the same as a decent length blog post.


2.      Sparticles keep 100% of your personality

No one’s guessing or discovering your voice because the content is your voice. No need to teach me how you sound because it’s right there on the recording.


3.      Sparticles take out the speech tics

Yes, you want it to sound like you, but without the ‘umm’s and the ‘aaaah’s, right? Or the bits where you say “you know” without realising. Or “kinda”, “gonna” or “wanna”… You know. All those bits.


4.      Sparticles give you content you can use anyway you choose

Your edited transcript can be cut into little pieces to sprinkle around social media, parcelled up into a decent thought piece, or shared via email to your exclusive (and lucky) email subscribers.


5.      Every Sparticle attracts readers from the very first words

Even the best writers I know can’t stand writing headlines. That’s why The Ink Rat writes a selection for you. And you only get them if they score ‘green’ by Coschedule Analyzer.


6.      Every Sparticle attracts search engines to your content

Tell me the keywords you’d like to rank for and The Ink Rat will artfully and naturally weave them into your introduction – and throughout the rest of the article – so that you steadily improve your SEO rankings over the long term.


7.      Every Sparticle tells your readers what they need to know

What’s the point of your latest article, blog, tweet, email? The Ink Rat makes sure the key messages in your content are clearly expressed for you to share with your readers.


8.      Every Sparticle tells your readers what to do next

What do you want your reader to do after they’ve read your article? The Ink Rat makes sure your readers know the next step after they’ve read your latest update.


9.      Sparktacular Sparticles spread the word to your subscribers

If you take one small extra step, you also get an email written in your style to your subscribers telling them about the new content you’ve just created. Remember, all this only took you seven minutes.


10. Sparktacular Sparticles spread the word to your followers

With some deft design and a whole lot of Canva, you get some social posts, with images,  ready to share with your (now growing) crowd of followers. Yes, it still only takes you seven minutes.


When The Ink Rat creates Sparticles, I want you to have the best experience. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you get your money back. No questions asked. And while I said we’d cover the 10 ways Sparticles help you, I have another two worth mentioning. Maybe the most important two of all.



11. The Ink Rat has been making Sparticles for quite a while

The Ink Rat has been writing Sparticles for years, even though the word Sparticles may seem unfamiliar right now. During this time, I’ve developed a fast, efficient yet creative process. At first, I admit I was nervous about taking someone else’s words out of their mouth and playing around with them. Today, I confidently enhance your voice while keeping your personality and expertise intact!

12. Sparticles help you become a superpartner to your customers

I tried to resist nerding out on the science of Sparticles, but indulge me. This geeky concept translates beautifully to how we can use Sparticles in our marketing.

In particle physics, sparticles are sub-particles predicted by supersymmetry, also known as superpartners.

A bit like Wikipedia describes it

When creating content, Sparticles create supersymmetry by mirroring your voice in your content. By reflecting and connecting with your audience, customers and followers, you bring effortless expertise and value.




Yes! Speak freely. No need to write your content any longer


If you don’t have the time, inspiration or inclination to create your latest piece of content, get in touch with me at rananda@theinkrat.com to find out how to started. Try a Spark first, or go with the Sparticle, or maybe you prefer the full Sparktacular experience!

Create your content using your voice and receive:

  • Time back in your day
  • Well-crafted, SEO-friendly, multi-purpose content you can use over and over
  • All the tiresome admin of content creation taken care of. Just hit publish, post or send.

If you prefer to stick with creating your own content and would like to know how to DIY your own Sparticles, subscribe to receive the latest ratty tales, business writing tips and updates because I’ll be launching your very own Sparticle kit in a twinkle.

Keep sparkling with your chatter in the meantime!

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About Me


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