We bring deep, detailed, practical experience to editing and proofreading, with a focus on wellness, self-development, creative and sustainability projects.

Tell your story, your way, to your audience.


A high-level edit let’s you know your structure is logical and easy to follow.


Copyediting enhances your voice and tone, while eliminating the unnecessary.


Proofreading picks up the odd details no one else has noticed along the way. Fresh eyes!

Bringing Your Word to the World


You’ve captured the right messages in your writing but you suspect know for sure your words need some tweaking or refining.

The Ink Rat offers a personalised writing and editing service, tailored to suit your needs, whether it is detailed involvement or light-touch finessing.

Transform your spoken words (or other materials) into structured documents including books, case studies and presentations.

If you’ve started the work already, the Ink Rat can support you all the way with structural and copy-editing, or a detailed proofread.

As you spread your message and build your platform, the Ink Rat can support you further with copywriting, content and other business and marketing support.

Who We Are

We Are Writing Experts So You Don’t Have To Be

Our clients are all experts in unique areas they want to share with people.

But they don’t always have time to write, might not be trained to write, or they just need an objective eye to enhance what they have done.

Getting Started is Easy

The Ink Rat works with you to create tailored, engaging, useful content that helps you transport, transform and connect with your audience.

Ready to get started? Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation. Let’s discuss what we can do together.

Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia


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