How Science and Numbers Add up to Writing and Editing for Professional Services

Every successful outcome involves change using persuasive storytelling

Hi, I’m Rananda…

… and I love writing.

Even though I have science degree from Cambridge University, qualified as a Chartered Accountant and worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, every success I have seen or created has come down to communicating and telling a story.

Combine that with my copywriting certifications, SEO training and meticulous editing skills, you get a copywriter who…

Knows how to explain complex ideas

Understands the unique challenges around marketing professional services

Has developed a seamless process to mazimise your investment

About Rananda The Ink Rat

In fact, I’m a writing expert for professionals, so you don’t have to be…

With over 25 years in the corporate world, and over nine years as a writer and editor, I know and understand professional services firsthand.

I know that a lack of time, a lack of (writing) confidence and a lack of ‘get-startedness’ can lead to content creation paralysis. However, by working together, we can put your expertise right in front of your ideal audience. We can create content that showcases your solutions and stamps your credibility and authority all over it.

I’m able to write copy thanks to years of business experience, intense study, and extensive research for professional service providers, senior executives and business owners. So, when you’re ready to tell your story, or share your knowledge, I’m ready to help you shape, write and edit your words into a compelling, clear vision.

“Along the way, I appreciated Rananda’s academic and business background because she was able to grasp some of the more complex concepts.”

Claudia Barrios

Assistant Professor, Universidad Javeriana Cali-Colombia


A Sydney-based copywriter and editor with a world of experience…


Having lived and worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, the US and the Indo-Pacific, I understand what makes us unique… and similar!


When not focusing on your writing, I create micro-fiction, short stories and books of my own.


… Since birth – so not by choice! I do, however, understand the many modalities and choices we have about healing and well-being.


I used to run marathons, though nowadays you’re more likely to find me hiking around our local bush tracks with my dog. It’s an excellent way to keep the ideas flowing!

Dog Lover

By growing my dog’s social media profile to over 5,000 followers, I understand firsthand the investment and power of content marketing.

Erm... People Pleaser

My flaw is to your benefit… I’ll always go above and beyond to do the very best to deliver an excellent service to you.

The Experience and Expertise that Matters to You

As an Audit Client Director at Deloitte for tech, media, telco and resources, I managed and took part in multiple audit engagements and industry business development projects.

I understand compliance and governance requirements

As Group Financial Reporting Manager for Lion Nathan, I led the integration of strategic initiatives where systems and processes required streamlining.

I understand how to connect with people to achieve strategic outcomes

As Country Manager in Thailand for Blackmores, Australia’s leading natural health brand, I was passionate about delivering natural healthcare solutions that work.

I understand strategy, sales, marketing and operations

As a writer and editor, I’ve helped dozens of professionals write and publish books that share their stories, insights and solutions to help readers get the answers they’re looking for.

I understand the power of words