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Content Creation

Regular content updates deliver healthy growth. We can help you bring the topics of interest to your audience.


You’ve written your story, but it’s not finished just yet. You want a great edit to polish it into shape.


Share your expertise. Share your experiences. Write your story, in your voice, without ever picking up a pen.

Sparticles have arrived

Transform your speech into articles

Become a superpartner by increasing your marketing reach with just 7 minutes of effort

Struggling for time, inspiration and inclination when it comes to creating your marketing content?

Always know what to say, but never know what to write?

Exasperated by the blank page and blinking cursor?

Sparticles give you an alternative, fast, efficient way to create your business content in only minutes.

All you need to do is record yourself talking for up to 7 minutes and send the audio file to The Ink Rat.

You can also use sparticles to repurpose other audio you’ve created including podcasts, interviews, videos, YouTube casts, and webinars.

In return, you’ll receive a beautifully content written by you!

Upgrade and get ready-to-publish, SEO-friendly copy, with high-ranking headlines, repurposed for email and social media.


* In particle physics, sparticles are sub-particles predicted by supersymmetry, also known as superpartners. Pretty flaming brilliant, huh?

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Don’t Let the Challenge of Finding the Right Words Burden You Any Longer

At The Ink Rat, we are passionate about helping busy entrepreneurs do amazing things.

Writing is a multi-step craft. You can learn it with enough time, practice and passion. But if you’re busy focusing on your own big goals, let us help you with the details of getting your message out.


Client Testimonials

“Rananda is thoughtful, conscientious, prompt and very talented at what she does. Most of all I trust her with my work which is a big thing for me.

I highly recommend The Ink Rat for anyone needing professional blog/social media work, editing and copywriting.”

Kate Connolly

Owner and Principal Practitioner at Natural Healthworks

“Rananda’s approach to editing is not just one of a talented editor, but of one who seeks to improve the original work without tampering with the author’s intent and vision for the story.

I love the fact that she gives a summary of suggestions, not only for the edited work but also for future work.  The encouragement to keep going and the acknowledgement that she has enjoyed the story puts a smile on my face.

C. P. Clarke

Author of “Stalking the Daylight”

“She has instilled me with great ideas, guiding me through the best way to be published, and genuinely offering advice.

I highly recommend working with Rananda and I am extremely grateful to call her my editor.”

Mirja Camphausen

Author of “Master Mouse” 

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I’m Rananda, a Sydney-based writer and editor.

I save time for busy business owners by writing the content that draws your best prospects to you. I do this by preparing strong content that shows your authority and answers the questions your prospects are asking.

I can also edit and proofread to ensure your words flow beautifully, and help you develop an engaging, achievable content development process.

Together, we can keep your expertise top of mind with your audience.

Getting Started is Easy

The Ink Rat works with you to create tailored, engaging, useful content that helps you transport, transform and connect with your audience.

Ready to get started? Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation. Let’s discuss what we can do together.

Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia

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