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Rananda proofread and edited my latest academic paper. This paper was delivered under considerable time pressure and throughout the whole process, Rananda maintained good communication and was flexible about accommodating changes to the timeline while meeting our deadline.

Along the way, I appreciated Rananda’s academic and business background because she was able to grasp some of the more complex concepts. As a result, she could edit for clarity without losing the meaning or obscuring the use of topic-specific terminology.

Rananda was organised and methodical with her approach, and thorough with her review. She provided updated, track-changed versions of the documents as well as accompanying commentary on key themes and key matters to consider relating to both the subject matter and the way it was written. As a result, I found it was a quick process to review her suggestions and implement changes she recommended.

I would definitely work with Rananda again for future academic papers, and have no hesitation in recommending her to others looking for a thorough and careful review of their work.

Claudia Barrios

Assistant Professor, Universidad Javeriana Cali-Colombia

Rananda and I started working together when she edited my now published book. She offered to help me with my weekly blogs. It has been a massive help to take that weight off my shoulders.

All I need to do is video or voice record what I want to say and Rananda does the rest, including social media posts and a well thought out and interesting blog. She keeps my voice clear while managing to put her talent into the mix.

Rananda is thoughtful, conscientious, prompt and very talented at what she does.  She goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is working beautifully.  Most of all I trust her with my work which is a big thing for me.

I highly recommend The Ink Rat for anyone needing professional blog/social media work, editing and copywriting.

Kate Connolly

Author, Business Owner and Principal Practitioner, Natural Healthworks

Connecting with The Ink Rat on social media was such a welcome surprise, not only for her editing services, but because she really seems to enjoy the material she works on. 

Her approach to editing is not just one of a talented editor, but of one who seeks to improve the original work without tampering with the author’s intent and vision for the story. 

Her edits are not intrusive or deconstructive, but instead are extremely helpful.

I have re-read my material in light of the suggested edits and found that she improved the flow of my writing. She also made all the necessary corrections regarding spelling and punctuation, which as a writer attempting to edit my own material I have been largely blind to. 

I love the fact that she gives a summary of suggestions, not only for the edited work but also for future work.  The encouragement to keep going and the acknowledgement that she has enjoyed the story puts a smile on my face.  She seems to care very much about what she does and comes across as one who enjoys their work.

I would certainly recommend The Ink Rat as an editor to other writers.

C. P. Clarke

Author, cpclarke-author.com

Rananda has been an absolute pleasure to work with as an editor during finalisation of my first book “The Golden Ticket to Your Dream Job”.

With her extensive business background, she brought real-world experience and understanding to the editing process and how to manage the content, while being mindful of the toil and effort it takes an author to write a book. She used a combination of judgement and writing proficiency, as well as current technical tools, to review and polish the manuscript while maintaining my voice and the personal story contained within the book. She was methodical and organised, tailoring her approach to suit my needs by providing regular updates, detailed suggestions and clear progress updates so that I remained in control the whole time.

She is thorough, detailed, responsive to feedback and diligent about getting the best job done as efficiently as possible. She provides excellent value. If you are looking for a personalised, expert and tailored editing and writing service, I highly recommend her to those seeking to finalise their book quickly and to a high standard.

More importantly for me was always having her gentle voice to keep me on track and she is a wonderful human.

Ed Andrew

Author and Entrepeneur, The Human Consultancy

I met Rananda from The Ink Rat during the pre-launch phase of my latest novel, “Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer”.

From the outset, her eye for detail provided insights, observations and practical suggestions as I finalised my book for launch.

She is organised, methodical and professional, while also personally enthusiastic for my success.

It is obvious that she loves books! I would recommend The Ink Rat to fellow writers looking for professional services.

Christine Betts

Author, WriterPainter,com

Rananda has been my greatest inspiration to move forward with my writing.

Whenever I feel stuck, I can rely on her. I love the way she moves through her editing tasks with ease and gentleness. She has a way of nudging me into being the best writer I can be without ever putting on pressure.

Rananda provides encouragement, has a high work ethic, is extremely reliable, and fast in response. Her natural way of melting her editing suggestions with my personal writing style is one of her greatest strengths.

She has instilled me with great ideas – not only through the editing process – but also by making me aware of writing competitions, guiding me through the best way to be published, and genuinely offering advice.

I highly recommend working with Rananda and I am extremely grateful to call her my editor.

Mirja Camphausen

Author, worldofmiri.com

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