I want a Spark

  • I’m interested in a beautiful transcript crafted from 7 minutes of my audio

  • I want content with 100% personality and none of the speech tics

  • I want words I can use how I choose



I want to create weekly content but don’t know what to talk about. Can you help?

I offer an initial no-obligation, no-cost introductory meeting for 30 minutes where we can talk about your requirements. I have plenty of tools, processes and ideas about how to create content which you can use to generate topics to talk about.

I’ve recorded about 7 minutes of content. How do I get it to you?

Once I’ve received your completed query form above, I’ll create a Google Drive folder only accessible by you and me. As audio files are often large, I’ll send a link to the email address you provide so you can drop it into the folder. I’ll access it from there and start the transcription and editing transformation.

Can anyone else access my recordings or transcript?

By using a dedicated Google Drive folder for your audio and content, you’ll always be able to see exactly who has access to this folder. The Ink Rat does not subcontract or outsource the Spark creation process so your content stays between you and The Ink Rat until you are ready to share it as you choose.

I want to buy a spark. How do I pay?

Once all your questions are answered and you give the green light to get started, I’ll send you an invoice from The Ink Rat, including payment details. Once you’ve paid and provided me with the audio recording, I can get started.

If it takes me 7 minutes to make an audio recording, how long do I have to wait to get the written content?

You’ll receive your first draft of content within 48 hours of providing the audio recording. Instead of spending 2 days sweating over writing your own content, you can get on with other priorities while I work on your content.

What if the content isn’t what I want or expected?

I provide two rounds of revisions to get your content right. In the first round, I use your audio recording to understand your tone and voice. In the second round, I use your feedback and guidance. If you’re not happy after that, I’ll refund your money.