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The room is quiet when you wake. You think you’ve slept well, but you’ve only dissipated a fraction of your exhausted tension. You’ll be alright after your first coffee. But first you’ve got to exercise, organise breakfast, and take the kids to school. Only then can you get going with the furiously busy, hard work of your business, and dealing with your website nightmare.

You reach for your phone even though you’re not meant to. You know you should leave technology alone until you’ve done some proper positive morning routines. But dagnabbit, you’re about to go to the gym aren’t you? Isn’t that enough?

The routine of the first two hours keeps you busy, but it’s putting off the inevitable. After school drop off, you arrive, ready for work, takeaway coffee in hand, take a sip, and realise they put the wrong milk in. You decide on a quick morning meditation to ease you into the next step, but now you’re jittery from all that coffee. However, you’ve got a solution for that, just like you’ve got a solution for a tonne of other little problems everyone has.


You’re in your own way.


Your focus is not where you want it to be


Given the right chance, you’d be on the phone with manufacturers or designers. You’d be liaising with influencers. You’d be developing your next product. But you’re stuck. Horribly stuck, because the gateway between you and those who need you is still the teeny tiny matter of your website nightmare.

You tried setting it up before. But the boxes and images looked rubbish. No matter, you thought, let’s at least get some words up.

Those words sound great when you’re walking in nature. Those words sound great when you’re effortlessly thinking them through in the shower. They even sound amazing when you’re talking with Jo and Bill in your mastermind group.

But, when you sit down, and try and clack these words out on your old keyboard, they fall flat, sound affected. You slip back into habitual jargon, and forget how to tell a story, or how to tease out relatable emotions. You can’t think of any examples, and you just worry, worry, worry that your next product is on its way, but you haven’t yet figured out how to tell anyone about this magic solution to their problem.

This is not easy. You thought you had this. Your network, your coaching group, your friends and family all seem to be getting stuff done, mastering their crafts, their brands, and their businesses.

Yet, you’re falling at this hurdle. The only way to dig yourself out is to spend some more of your rapidly depleting safety fund to hire an unproven quantity to achieve your impossible dream.


One quick phone call away, one giant solution awaits


You decide to get some support. After shopping around and asking a couple of questions, you take a punt on a random name in the free business directory listings. You reach someone, maybe me even. We talk. My price isn’t as bad as you thought it would be. We can get started almost immediately. All we have to do is talk about your customers, what they like, what keeps them awake, their hopes and dreams, frustrations and dilemmas.

We look at your offering. It’s cool. You describe all its features and I press you to focus on benefits. How would you describe it to your Grandma, I say, and you relax and once again you’re speaking like a human, not a walking jargonographer.


Now your cool stuff is in the world


We delve deeper. A few days later, you receive copy for your website. The writing. You fall in love with your own product again. You wish you could buy it yourself and then you realise you can and did and you have more than enough for everyone else too, and this was exactly the right time to get your website up.

We replicate the copy across platforms, get a few options up, frame up a landing page, activate the order form, the marketing, the launch program.

You don’t wake up to silence anymore, or even because of website nightmares. Sometimes you leave your phone on at night, unsilenced, just so you can hear the sound of money flowing into your account and the echoes of problems being solved for hundreds, maybe thousands of people.


When you want the writing, but don’t want to write


If you prefer to leave the writing to the writers so you can get on with your on passion, drop me a line at  and I’ll get back to you promptly.


About Me

About Me


I’m Rananda, a Sydney-based writer and editor.

With 25-plus years in corporate life, a financial background, a science education, and a lifetime of writing, I know there is more to starting and growing a loyal following than just the words on your website or saving that draft manuscript in a folder.

I bring comprehensive practical experience to supporting your writing needs.