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Stories by Numbers

Following the recession of the early nineties, I felt the weight of parental expectation to ‘make the most of your potential’ and choose a proper job. Unlike their wishes for me, my parents’ careers had veered from law to fruit farming and hypnotherapy meandering back...

The Business of Writing

I wrote a twenty-three-and-a-half page story when I was ten. My story explained that Saturn is solid and the perfect hiding place for distant aliens preparing to launch the final step of their journey towards Earth. Saturn's rings only gave the illusion the planet is...

Why Not Planning Your Writing Can Go as Wrong as Not Planning Your Summer Break

How are your writing plans going this year? Here, it’s the summer break and today the children are fighting again. The connection?

Writing is a Powerful Way to Tell Stories Right at Your Fingertips

Ever called yourself a writer, but you never pick up a pen? Ever dreamt up an epic story you’d have written, if only you weren’t so busy at work? Here’s how to figure it out.

How The Ink Rat Helps You Achieve Your Writing Wishes

My primary focus when we first connect is to understand you. Who are you? What do you do? What led you to me? What are your expectations? After I have some background and understand your needs, I send you a proposal to check I understand your requirements. Once you’ve approved it, I get started on the work.

The Best Comfort Food for Writers and Other Busy People

One day, amongst my doom-scrolling on the internet, I discovered several recipes for productivity. I picked the simplest.

Months later, I’ve whipped my output back into shape by eating a frog for breakfast every morning.

How to Start Your Important Journey Towards Publication

You have the idea, the information, the passion. I love writing. What if we combined our skills?

Is It Time to Replace “How Are You?” With Better Questions?

I heard an expert on a podcast theorise it’s time to stop asking “How are you?” as a greeting and my etiquette alarm wailed in protest.

How to Feel Better about Missed Opportunities

This tremendous storm was blowing around us. Writing a geography assignment was impossible when a real-life geography event was happening right outside.

They Raised Me to Be Strong and Unique, but Did They Like it?

My father’s words terrified me; my future success was at stake. I knuckled down. I would worry about my identity and place in the world later. ‘Authentic’ was not a word on our radar back then.

What Fictional World Inspires You?

Twenty years ago, I began escaping into the fantastical world of Robin Hobb’s multiple trilogies. I wouldn’t dare start the first book of each set until I knew the third was published. I was so absorbed in this fantasy world, I couldn’t face an unfinished story. In...

How Would You Handle Being Interviewed?

How would you handle being interviewed? What questions would you hope they asked?

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