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Why Can’t I Speak and Just Use the Transcript for My Content?

You wish you’d recorded what you just said because you explained it just right. If you had, you could use that transcript for your next blog.

Achieve Consistent Content Creation with 3 Actions and a Quirky Suggestion

We all have systems and processes to keep our work on track, right? If an area falters however, it is often around consistent content creation.

What’s the difference between a Landing Page and an Opt-in Page?

An opt-in page is a lead generator, while a landing-page moves the leads you generate along the customer conversion process.

How Co-working Fixed a Bad Habit about Working on My Business

One bad habit I developed about working on my business has ceased over the last six weeks thanks to the power of co-working sessions.

5 Tips to Overcome the Hurdle of Editing Audio Transcripts

Audio recordings have become a great way to create content. Don’t be surprised, though, if your frustration with writing now shifts to editing your audio transcript.

3 Reasons to Read Every Single Lead Magnet You Download

When you get that free download, you give away your email address. In this reciprocal exchange, the least you can do is read the lead magnet.

How to Quickly Create Your Weekly Blog Without Writing a Word

Converting your speech into text can become the fastest way to create the content you want. In three steps, you can be done in under an hour.

How Hiring a Copywriter Helps You Escape Your Business Nightmare

You’re stuck. Horribly stuck, because the gateway between you and those who need you is the teeny tiny matter of your website.

Why Not Planning Your Writing Can Go as Wrong as Not Planning Your Summer Break

How are your writing plans going this year? Here, it’s the summer break and today the children are fighting again. The connection?

Writing is a Powerful Way to Tell Stories Right at Your Fingertips

Ever called yourself a writer, but you never pick up a pen? Ever dreamt up an epic story you’d have written, if only you weren’t so busy at work? Here’s how to figure it out.

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