Rananda is a freelance technology copywriter, currently based in Sydney, Australia. She used to define herself by her Natural Sciences degree and years of working as a Chartered Accountant, but in recent years has moved to balancing part-time corporate work with running her own business and raising a family.

She happily applies herself to the many things that take up her time, but what she really enjoys is writing short stories about life on and beyond our planet, having travelled around it quite a lot and hoping it will continue to be a home for her children when they grow up. She believes there is an, as yet untapped, alternative way to achieving a sustainable future for our world through the use of technology and explores this whenever possible through her professional (and creative) writing.

Her quirky traits are your assets. She has too often been described as a perfectionistic, approval seeking, high achiever but because of this you will benefit from her focused attention and receive her best work. She’s spent over twenty years embroiled in corporate life so she knows what you’re going through. As a frustrated scientist and conservative greenie, she understands the challenges of communicating technical ideas and the journey involved in bringing innovation to public awareness. From experience, she knows that the times when we get the best outcomes are when we understand each other’s stories.

Her business is to get your story out there so that your work grows into the most successful, sustainable business possible.

Rananda can be contacted at rananda@theinkrat.com

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