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The Golden Ticket to Your Dream Job

Imagine if you could immediately be in the ‘yes pile’ for interviews, the preferred candidate from the outset.

Understand the job search process, from the perspective of jobseeker, employer and recruiter. Become confident talking to recruiters and employers about how you can best help them. 

Long time entrepreneur, ex-lawyer and former head-hunter, Ed Andrew, has coached over 15,000 people in 40 countries from Fortune 100 CEO’s to veterans and graduates. He wrote this book as a reference guide packed with case studies and inside tips to help you land your dream job.

The Ink Rat worked with Ed to prepare his book for publication.

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Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim

Telecommunication data retention legislation has courted controversy in almost every jurisdiction it has been introduced, and with valid reason. In its most simplified form, it represents a crossroads between national safety and personal privacy, and at its worst an opportunity for monetary gain. When you start to dig into the details about who can access such data and how they can gain access, with or without data retention laws in place, it is easy to see why concerns continue to be raised.  

The Ink Rat has written content for the Commsrisk team several times.

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After a stunt lands heiress and comedian Alia Henry in lock-up, she finds herself under house-arrest in a crumbling mansion owned by Whitehall International, a company she discovers controls much of her ‘free-range’ life. Detoxing and device-free, she must write her contracted novel or face dire consequences.

Funny, smart, and full of heart, Alia Henry discovers what happens when you look up from your screen long enough to see the people in front of you.

The Ink Rat worked with Christine in the final stages of her pre-launch process

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Blockchain People

The beauty of blockchain technology is threefold:

  • It is decentralised (no central authority arbitrates it)
  • It is transparent (yet pseudo-anonymous)
  • It is secure (relatively…)

Thus blockchain technology may have far wider applications than just supporting Bitcoin.

The Ink Rat has written content for the Commsrisk team several times.

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Tell your story, your way, to your audience.

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With 25-plus years in corporate life, financial background, science education, and a lifetime of writing, we know there is more to starting and growing a loyal following than just the words on your website or saving that draft manuscript in a folder.

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