Why The Ink Rat’s story matters to you

Writing your story. Content creation. Marketing.  Editing. Proofreading. Even marketing your writing! It all takes time, motivation, and some degree of practice.

Yet the busyness and business of writing can pull you away from your own area of focus and expertise. It can feel like it’s hampering, not helping, you grow an engaged following and clientele.

Those bits you don’t enjoy so much? The tedious word-smithing, the tiresome proofreading, the time-consuming repurposing?

The Ink Rat loves all that.

The writing process, from ideation to publication, has a formula. And I’ve figured it out. It’s why I draw on the curiosity of science, the discipline of finance, and the thrill of creativity to deliver you a fast, effective, unique service.

So, if you’re looking for copywriting, ghostwriting, or editing from an expert who draws on all three to create a superior outcome, welcome! You’re in the right place.




Trained by experts, experienced in business, and itching to write. Hit me up with the copy you require, and let’s talk… to your audience.



You said it just right. Now let’s enhance your message and remove those pesky glitches that stop your reader getting it the first time (just in case you don’t get a second chance…) 


Know what you want to say? Have a powerful story to tell? Befuddled by the blank page and want help getting started… or finished. Together, you tell and I write.

Who is The Ink Rat?

I’m a writing expert so you don’t have to be

You are an expert in a unique area. No one else can do what you do or think the way you think. And you want to share this with your people.

But, you don’t have time to write, you aren’t a trained writer, or, maybe, you just need an objective eye to enhance what you have done.

The Ink Rat’s Story

I’m Rananda, the founder of The Ink Rat.

I’m a copywriter, editor, ghostwriter and, for all the right reasons, a former science student and accountant steeped in health and wellness experience.

I work with business owners and author-preneurs to grow loyal, passionate followings and thriving businesses using multiple aspects of content creation, publication, and amplification.

Prior to starting The Ink Rat in 2015, I completed a Master’s Degree in Natural Sciences, learned how businesses operate during my 10 years as a chartered accountant, and spent 15 years working in FMCG, wholesale, and wellness industries.

Why should you care that I was such a nerd for such a long time?

Well, I’ve always loved writing and during my 25-year corporate career, my roles frequently involved persuasion and communication–often with high stake outcomes.

In 2015, I formalised these skills with professional copywriter training and accreditation. I completed a professional proofreading and editing course and received my Certificate IV in New Small Business. It hasn’t stopped there, however! I constantly refresh my SEO and Content Marketing knowledge. I’m always learning. 

Rananda Rich

Today, I help businesses, business owners, and author-preneurs grow by helping you reach your audience, be it consumers, readers, or clients.

I especially like to work on projects around well-being, sustainability, and technology. These areas can have big technical or regulatory components. My science education combined with my business background means I know how to create technical, robust, and dare I say it, engaging writing.

I want to showcase your authority and let you answer the questions your prospects are asking. It enables you to build trust, sales, and long-term relationships with your customers.

I do this by listening to your voice, understanding your unique expertise and experiences, and then working with you to shape powerful content.

Lack of time, lack of (writing) confidence, and a lack of ‘get-startedness’ can lead to paralysis about preparing content that shows your solutions to your customers’ problems. Together, we can put your expertise in front of them.

I offer you the benefit of 25+ years in corporate life, a rigorous science-based education and decades of writing. All of this allows me to understand your vision, recognise the obstacles, and then use these to express your story, your way, for your audience.

Getting Started is Easy

The Ink Rat works with you to create tailored, engaging, useful content that helps you transport, transform and connect with your audience.

Ready to get started? Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation. Let’s discuss what we can do together.

Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia


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